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Gifts are meant to last forever

In our busy lives we hardly find time to be a part of special occasions and choosing an appropriate gift is even more difficult. Stop wasting time and money in searching for the right gift as KonnectionKit is the best gift you can give to someone special.
It is loaded with memories and is a wonderful platform to build on more special moments as each year passes by.
A gift that isn't expensive yet extremely precious

Best Birthday Gift

Birthdays are about celebrating life and are meant to be full of joy, love and fun. The best relationships are valued on this day, surprises are planned and celebration and gifts make the day more special!

Stop worrying about what birthday gift to purchase for your friend, relative, colleague or loved one on their birthday! A specially designed B'day KonnectionKit will be the best birthday gift, full of pictures of special moments, favorite songlist, wonderful videos and more!

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A Collection of Moments

Life suddenly changes when a special someone decides to go far away and you realize that you will never get a chance to meet again and spend time together. So often we have to bid farewell to best friends, neighbors, siblings, relatives and colleagues and it is good to part with a gift!

The Kit will include special memories in the form of images, videos, audio recordings, favorite song list, an events timeline, testimonials and more! This customized Farewell Kit will help you part ways and keep you connected over the miles and different time zones!

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A loving gift for your life partner

The happiest day for a couple is their Wedding Anniversary because they get to remember all the moments they have spent together. When milestones are achieved in marriage, the day is celebrated with great fun and grandeur!

Surprise your partner with a unique gift that holds special memories in the form of images, videos, audio recordings, favorite song list, an events timeline, testimonials and more! This customized Anniversary Kit will be a personal space where you can store all files and put on record the beautiful relationship you share!

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A Happy Gift for a Sad Farewell

This Farewell KonnectionKit can be gifted to a friend, colleague, relative who is shifting location to start a new life. Farewell parties are always organized on occasion of retirement, resignation, relocation, and remembrance when a person moves away from a group or organization!

The Kit will include the history and nature of time spent together with a positive feel and hope to never stay out of touch! The Farewell Kit will help you always stay connected across miles and add more memories over time!

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Your memories will be safe and kept private. The link will be visible only to you and whoever you share it with. Opt for the best gift and load it with memories.

Own a gift that lasts forever!